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Kaş, once an unspoiled fishing village, is now a relatively unspoiled tourist town on the southern bulge of Turkey's Mediterranean coast two hours' drive southeast of Fethiye and three hours' drive southwest of Antalya.

Despite dozens of new hotels and pensions, Kaş(KAHSH) still has charm, part of which comes from its setting at the foot of a wall of mountains facing the sparkling Mediterranean.

Another part of its charm comes from Kaş's unhurried ambience. Because it is hours away from the Mediterranean's two major airports (Antalya and Dalaman), it gets fewer visitors than towns that are more quickly accessible.

Ruins of the ancient Lycian town of Antiphellos mix with modern buildings in Kaş. Across the water to the south lies the Greek island of Megisti (Kastellorizo;Meis Adası in Turkish).

Read about the Lycian culture http://www.lycianturkey.com/

Kaş is a small town, and you can walk anywhere within 10 minutes. Scooters are available for rent around town (30-35 YTL per day, depending on season), if you just can't be bothered.

Minibuses run around the Peninsula of Çukurbağ,  where Villa Jasmine is located, known in Turkish as Yarım Ada, which is a few kilometers away and where most hotels have their own terrace "beaches" open to the public (as long as beverages or food are consumed from their beach bars). Taxis to the peninsula have a fixed price of 25YTL.

Transportation in Turkey is excellent. You can take a minibus (or dolmuş) up to the village of Çukurbağ, about 10 km directly above and behind Kaş and on to places such as Kekova or Kalkan on either side of Kaş.


KALKAN - round the bay from Kas - about 20 minutes drive from Kas itself lots of shops, restaurants, cafes etc. On the way there - about 15 minutes from Kas you will see on a quiet stretch of the road on the left by the sea a fish restaurant. Its very run down looking but clean and the food is brilliant - great fish, or they can cook kebabs or chicken - chips there are really fantastic and salad- very cheap about 5 pounds.

Also on way to Kalkan is Kaputas Beach - in fact the restaurant is quiet close to Kaputas. This is a beauty spot and if you park the car and look down the view is beautiful - It is described as one of the most sbeautiful beaches in the world

KALE/ DEMRE this is the home of father Christmas – the b irthplace of St Nicholas and as well as the Church of St Nicholas there are wonderful Lycian tombs and amphitheatre there. its in the opposite direction to Kalkan - you follow the Antalya road.

XANTHOS - this is on the road towards Fethiye. You pass Kalkan, pass Patara and you will see the signs –its an Ancient Lycian City

PATARA You pass Kalkan and maybe 15 minutes or so (maybe more if Nej is correct) is Patara - beautiful huge sandy beach several miles long.

SAKLIKENT again pass Kalkan, Patara and on the road towards Fethiye you will see the signs to turn right to SAKLIKENT - it is up in the mountains, has huge gorge lots of little restaurants with cushions by the side of the river under the trees - great food and very cool - you can sit there for hours.

KEKOVA - The Sunken City, beautiful place - you can either drive down to Ucagiz on the road to Kale and then take a boat from there but to be honest as you dont know area well better to take the boat trip from Kas. You can go to the agents in Kas if you want a tourist boat with lots of others or if you want to rent a boat for yourselves, just haggle with the boat keepers in the evening- just walk along pass the different boats until you see one you think looks nice and comfortable haggle - dont pay more than 80 pounds for the whole day - including lunch. go out about 10am and back about 6 pm - they will take you to Kekova and lots of little bays and inlets where you can swim and sunbathe- its a fabulous day out. take your beers, drinks and ice creams iwth you and put them in the fridge on the boat.


This is a wonderful place for day trip. Kaunos has ancient tombs in the hills around you, looks wonderful as you pass by on a small pleasure boat on the way to Turtle Beach. A beautiful sandy beach only accessable via an inland waterway . It’s a protected site because turtles lay their eggs there but you can sunbathe on the lovely sandy beach during the day. The mud bath is great place – you get into a huge natural sulphur mud bath in the ground –open air, and then stand there and let it dry, then rinse off in hot springs. Great for the skin.

Other than that, just drive around and explore - so many little villages and bays and everywhere you go cheap cafes and restaurants - on the road to Saklikent you will see people making cafe out of their house and inviting you in - food is nice and they make little cushions under the trees- really nice experience


This is on Friday - all day long - great for fruit and veg, trousers, gifts, bed covers, cushions, towels and curtains, also T shirts. Watches are cheap about 5 pounds for fake designer and I have 2 I have had them about 5 years and still going strong. Its just on the edge of the town as you leave Kas going towards Kalkan


There are several in Kas, one half way up the main road on the left hand sign going up the hill and the other further up the hlil on the right hand side - that one is larger. Open 0800 until about midnight. You can buy beer, wine, any alcohol in there and keep in fridge at home plus ice creams etc. Alcohol sales stops at 2200 in the evening.

Every type of shop, greengrocers, butchers etc. Lots and lots of cafes and restaurants - you could eat somewhere different lunchtime and evening for 2 weeks and not need to go back to same place twice.

- just down the hill from our house - Lovely hotel owners Turkish and German couple -really friendly, speak English, food really nice and reasonable -you can eat there lunchtime or evening but might have to pop in beforehand to let them know because they cook for guests and might not have enough- worth the visit

- They have a beachside restaurant at the bottom of our hill - you can use their beach beds as long as you order a drink and you can have lunch or dinner there too-

Kas is about 5 kilometres from our house.